THEN (What a difference a lifetime makes!) NOW

                                   Loess Hills near Big Lake during Spring Thaw                   Photo by 'Giuseppe'


Hello! I’m happy you stopped in to browse my website. My name is Joe Cavallaro.
I’m not really a web 'designer' so please bear with me. I'm a happy Christian Octogenarian and it’s my greatest wish that you welcome Jesus into your life as your Savior.  Making that choice is a genuine soul-saver!  (No, 'octogenarian' is NOT a religion', it's a blessing! :o)

I've been in several businesses including Grocery, Dept. Store Manager, Sales, Photography and I even managed a Tandy Leather Store, which was quite interesting. 

I'm still active in Photography as a hobby. I tag many of my photos with my name, Joseph, (in Italian), "Giuseppe".

I've been widowed twice: First after 20 years of marriage and again recently after 35 additional years of marriage.  Guess it's best for me to remain single!

I've lived in the Midwest all my life and have traveled very little but when I do, I'm  always happy to get back 'home'.

I'm a member of a local computer club, the "Metro Area Personal Computer Club", (M.A.P.C.C.).  Our Club began in 1982 and I’ve been involved with it since 1984. Learn more about it at

I hope you enjoy this site, as I continue to add/change items on it.  Come back often.

 P.S. The most recent changes:

SOUND  (my voice) added to my POEMS

Ability to 'scroll' through pictures on PHOTOS display

Oh, also take a peek at the "Out of Bounds" photos... almost 3D

Drop an email to me if you enjoy the site or have comments about it